Cruise Diving in Scapa Flow

We offer live-aboard cruise diving that takes in the best of Scapa Flow and the surrounding islands. For the real top quality Orkney diving experience of wrecks, seals, scenery and shellfish, get in touch with us today. 2014 sees our first Scapa history week run by Innes McCartney, renowned naval historian and diver, August 9th -16th.

We Can Provide:

  • Wreck diving on the German high seas fleet scuttled in Scapa Flow in 1919
  • Battleships, SMS Konig, Kronprinz Wilhelm and Markgraf
  • Cruisers SMS Brummer, Coln, Dresden and Carlsruhe
  • Just the wrecks of Scapa Flow? No problem, we will give more dives during the day and more harbours at night
  • Day charter only required for Scapa Flow diving? No problem
  • Hotel combination with the Ferry Inn or self catering at Harbourlea
  • Ensuite accommodation for those who want day charter only
  • All trips now 14 dive packages inclusive
  • Cylinders, air, nitrox and trimix all available

Paypal now available for payment

Diving starts on Saturday through to Friday. If you arrive around lunchtime you will be in the water by the afternoon, no hanging around till Sunday with us

Whatever you prefer, we can produce.

Cruise Diving Rates

F2-GunCHARTER RATES 2014 (25% non returnable deposit required for confirmation)

Live-aboard or day charter
Winter reduced rates are available, please ask for details

All charters now include a light breakfast and lunch, accommodation on board and free air 15l cylinders, twin sets, 7l stages, 3l cylinders for rebreathers and sofnalime all available for hire

Evening meals available if required but we advise eating ashore in the evenings as we always stop over at places with pub/restaurants etc

Full groups (12 divers max)/small groups/individuals all welcome.

The whole boat is for up to 12 divers. If you book the whole boat then you choose who is on board, if you book places on the boat then I will fill the other places.

Live-aboard rates

  • Full boat charter for dive Orkney - £4500
  • Full boat charter for Scapa Flow - £4000
  • Per person rates for Scapa Flow - £400
  • Per person rates for dive Orkney - £450
  • Gas and special trips per person - £450

Day charter rates

  • Scapa Flow full group - £3500
  • Scapa Flow per personv £350

Accommodation on shore

  • Self catering for 12 - £1000
  • B&B in hotel for 12 - £2100
  • Individual rates available


15 litre, twin 12 litre and 7 litre cylinders available. Also Nitrox and Trimix if required  

To book a place and experience this unique opportunity, please give us a call or send us an email with your enquiry details.

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