Our Live-Aboard Charter Vessel

MV Karin is a 24m live-aboard charter vessel with 7 twin berth cabins (all with full size mattresses), all beds are 2m long. Two roomy walk in showers and toilets. It’s also centrally heated so you can relax while we take you to some of the most remote places in Orkney.

A large heated day room and galley complete the deal, with a tv and hard drive with hundreds of hours of entertainment on it if required, no tv signal needed.Safe entry and exit are guaranteed with our protected walkway, no slippery steep harbour ladders for Karin divers.


Karin is not a small compromise dive vessel, she is a full 24m of proven sea going vessel, the cabins are large, the day room is large, it seats 12 easily, deck areas are large, 40sqm, and we have 14m of kitting up benches, diver lift and separate diver exit point, 3 compressors and 6.4 m of beam, do not be fooled by a smaller cramped dive vessel.

Air and Nitrox diving run together with no problem, both are easily pumped on board.

Staying on board means having the freedom of movement to stay at different ports around Scapa Flow each evening, it also gives us the opportunity to travel to less dived areas like the Stack etc that is 35 miles to the west of the islands, at least one wreck lies here.

Get in touch with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to help.


Polrudden House
Peerie Sea Loan
KW15 1UH


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